Multigate - The First Pan-African Financial Service To Become SWIFT Partner And Attain ISO 20000, 22301 & 27001

LONDON, UK - African Media Agency - 26 July 2023 - Multigate, a licensed Financial Services platform that provides access to a safe and secure treasury and liquidity management system, becomes the first pan-African financial services technology company to be certified by SWIFT as a Lite 2 Business Application Provider (L2BA). In addition, the company has also obtained the highest level of compliance through three certifications: ISO 20000, 22301 & 27001. The certifications and SWIFT announcement further reinforce Multigate's commitment to putting safety and security at the core of their operation and service delivery to their clients and partners.

In 2022, Multigate qualified as a SWIFT Compatible Application provider but has now obtained its L2BA certification. This further validates Multigate's capacity to offer a globally recognised multi-bank connector solution that is standardised, safe, and secure for its clients and partners. This multi-bank connector platform enables their clients to aggregate all accounts for seamless transactions and avoids the complexities associated with managing multiple banking portals. This global certification also allows Multigate to connect seamlessly with banks across the SWIFT messaging network.

"The qualification as a SWIFT L2BA certified provider further validates that our business application has met SWIFT's requirements and standards to offer our clients a bank-agnostic solution by leveraging on SWIFT'S connectivity to thousands of financial institutions globally," said Eghosa Nehikhare, Co-Founder and CEO Multigate. "This partnership allows us to expand our services into other global markets as we now can partner with other financial services solution providers such as Fintechs, banks and existing ERP providers. It also assures our clients that our systems comply with SWIFT's global messaging standard."

The three ISO certifications demonstrate Multigate's significant commitment and excellence in the organisation's operations. The attainment of ISO 20000 signifies that the company adheres to international best practices in service management. ISO 22301 certification highlights Multigate's commitment to maintaining business continuity even in the face of unexpected disruptions. The ISO 27001 certification exemplifies Multigate's rigorous approach to information security management systems. The certificates enhance the company's reputation and instil trust in stakeholders, ensuring it operates at the highest level of professionalism and achieves its long-term objectives.

Eghosa Nehikhare, Co-Founder and CEO of Multigate, also comments on the ISO Certification, "Typically, companies work on achieving one or two at a time, but Multigate's decided to invest in all three. The certificates showcase our willingness to invest upfront in the quality of service, ensuring our products are reliable, and our dedication to service management, business continuity, and information security. These certifications underline the company's commitment to delivering high-quality services, effectively managing risks, and safeguarding sensitive information."

Founded in 2017, Multigate seeks to address the treasury and cash management needs of African-focused organisations trading regionally and globally and is also focused on enabling seamless processes for the consolidation of accounts for local or international payouts from any bank. Multigate services are powered by fully automated and customisable solutions that help improve business efficiency, increase revenue, and deliver value to clients. Furthermore, it guarantees our clients standardised, safe and secure access to over 10,800 global institutions worldwide.

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27 Jul 2023

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