Nothing compares to a mother’s love Thai Life Insurance’s new ‘Sadvertising’ has arrived on time for Mother’s Day in Thailand this August

BANGKOK, THAILAND - Media OutReach - 10 August 2023 - Mother's Day is a day to celebrate and honor moms. In many parts of the world, Mother's Day is celebrated in the months of March or May. In Thailand, however, it is different as Mother's Day is annually celebrated on August 12. In line with the occasion, Thai Life Insurance, the company behind many memorable 'Sadvertising' (the term that is given by Philip Kotler) stories over the past 20 years, has introduced a new 3-minute ad, named "Live Life to the Fullest", offering a mother-daughter story that highlights the value of 'now'.


Thai Life Insurance core value is to reflect upon the values of life, values of love and people through their ads. And to this end, the company has produced several ad films that adhere to its core principle of 'Love for Life,' which has sparked numerous positive discussions among Thais as well as millions of people in many parts of the world over the years.

This new film, entitled "Live Life to the Fullest", was conceived from the idea of the importance and value of 'time' for people, especially time that people have left to spend with the loved ones. If we count the years, the months, the weeks, the days, the hours or even the seconds that we have left, we may come to realize that we do not have much. And, therefore, we ought to be compelled by this realization to use every second that remains to take care of one another.

'Live Life to The Fullest' seeks to ask these questions: How often do we wait for the perfect day or the perfect moment to express our love? Which day is the perfect day? Which occasion is the special occasion? No one knows what tomorrow will bring. Will we still be alive? Will we be too late?

Thai Life Insurance believes that there are no days that are more meaningful than today so for this new ad, the company choose to tell a story about a mother and her daughter who spend their remaining time together, turning an otherwise normal day into a special day which will forever remain in their memories. Because of this, every day becomes meaningful to them.

The film will hopefully impart these ideas to the audience, reminding the society to see the immeasurable value of today and cherish the rest which remains of the time by giving love and caring for one another.

Thai Life Insurance hopes to inspire people to appreciate the transience of life, encouraging them to not wait for an opportunity or a special occasion to express their love. Every day is a special day – only through this revelation can people truly live a meaningful life.

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10 Aug 2023

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