Getting Ready: LUX Helps Female Ex-Offenders Reintegrate Back to Society

LUX Launches ‘Getting Ready’ Campaign to Inspire Ex-offenders to Re-embrace Beauty and Re-enter Society with Confidence

SINGAPORE - Media OutReach Newswire - 29 April 2024 - LUX, the global beauty brand by Unilever, is proud to launch its new female empowerment campaign, 'Getting Ready' today. Through this campaign, LUX, has designed a programme to help women ex-offenders to re-embrace beauty to re-enter society with confidence and dignity. Driven by the belief that Beauty can be a powerful source of strength and by its commitment to promote inclusivity, LUX hopes to empower women ex-offenders to face challenges ahead with strength.


Beauty is not just about how the world sees women, it also defines how women see the world. Aligning with this belief, LUX stands as an avid advocate for women to leverage beauty as a source of strength. Yet, women offenders are completely stripped of their femininity and beauty along with their freedom. Nobody needs to harness strength from beauty more than the women ex-offenders who have just been released. This is why LUX and VML Singapore have embarked on the 'Getting Ready' project to help women ex-offenders restore their sense of self-worth and identity to better assimilate back into society.

'Getting Ready' extends beyond helping women ex-offenders rediscover their beauty. It is a movement challenging social expectations and stereotypes surrounding this marginalised female community.

The 'Getting Ready' programme comprises four modules to help women ex-offenders unlock their confidence and build their personal brand as they start their second life. The modules cover tools to overcome negative thought patterns; hard skills to tackle career goals and employment; improving social skills and communication; and image building, with establishing a beauty routine and finding their own style playing a big part in helping the women look good and feel good. In addition, LUX will be equipping these women with hair and beauty essentials to encourage personal grooming. Proper grooming through the act of enjoying a refreshing shower and soaking in the fragrance is the simplest form of self-care women can indulge in to foster their sense of self-worth. Though seemingly mundane, the act of dedicating time to clean and rejuvenate oneself helps women to forge self-love and boost confidence in their own beauty.

The first batch of women who underwent the 'Getting Ready' programme had their experience documented in a film which traced their journey of self-discovery and uplifting change. With this documentary, LUX hopes to reach a wider audience and spread awareness about the struggles and stigma these women ex-offenders face on a day-to-day basis, and the support they need to better reintegrate into society.

"Many women ex-offenders struggle with re-entering society and starting afresh as they have lost sight of their sense of self-worth and are unable to live life with dignity. This is in addition to having to deal with the uncertainties shrouding their new life," said Severine Vauleon, Global Brand Vice President LUX "With Getting Ready, we would like to give these women a chance to properly live their life beyond the label. By helping them cultivate a positive relationship with their individual beauty and self-image, we hope that these women can find themselves and their footing in society again."

"'Getting Ready' is not just about helping women ex-offenders regain self-respect; it's also about initiating discourse about the plight these women face and how we can all involve ourselves in changing unforgiving societal perception." Hinoti Joshi, Global Managing Partner, VML Singapore, who spearheaded the campaign, commented.

'Getting Ready' is a campaign transcending social boundaries and re-instilling hope in women. The impact of this campaign extends far beyond transforming the lives of ex-offenders, but also sparks conversations about providing support to the marginalised female communities out there. Join LUX in its movement to uplift and celebrate the beauty and strength of women everywhere with 'Getting Ready'.

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About LUX
About LUX
LUX has been celebrating beauty and femininity since 1925. We understand that beauty is a woman's armour, her source of strength. It is hers to express, unapologetically. We will continue to help women everywhere fight casual sexism at home, in the workplace and in wider society.





29 Apr 2024



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