Spring Into Oishii Delights with 7-Eleven’s New Japanese-inspired Ready-To-Eat Menu

SINGAPORE - Media OutReach Newswire - 17 April 2024 - From 17 April, get ready to embark on a culinary journey to Japan as 7-Eleven unveils its new and exclusive ready-to-eat menu! Prepare your palate for an explosion of Japanese-inspired flavours carefully crafted with fun, convenience and value in mind, all starting from a wallet-friendly price of $3.90!

Spring into Oishii Delights KV

Say ‘Konnichiwa’ to an exclusive menu featuring highlights such as the rice-based dishes, all of which feature Hitomebore rice. Their glossy texture and delightful sweetness elevate every bite to a whole new level of deliciousness.

But that's not all – brace your tastebuds as we introduce a tempting duo of Japanese somen dishes at selected stores for the very first time. Picture thin, silky wheat noodles in a savoury broth, ready to transport you to Japan. From mouth-watering packed meals to sumptuous snacks, burgers, and more, 7-Eleven invites you to satisfy your Japanese cravings anytime, anywhere.

Japanese-Inspired Packed Meals Made with Tasty Hitomebore Rice!

This flavour-packed selection of ready-to-eat meals made with Hitomebore rice is specially crafted to take you and your taste buds to the heart of Japan.

7-Select Chicken Katsudon ($6.00): This Japanese classic showcases a crispy, golden-fried chicken cutlet atop a bed of Hitomebore rice. Drizzled with a savoury-sweet sauce and topped with egg, this delectable dish is great for a satisfying lunch or late-night supper.

7-Select Creamy Caramelised Onions Hamburg with Rice ($6.20): Sink your teeth into a juicy beef patty smothered in luscious cream sauce, crowned with caramelised onions and nestled on a layer of pillowy rice with a vibrant medley of fresh, crisp vegetables.

7-Select Hayashi Beef with Rice ($6.20): Experience the hearty goodness of minced beef simmered in flavourful, savoury brown sauce, and served with a generous portion of Hitomebore rice. This timeless Japanese classic is sure to warm your heart and satisfy your cravings.

7-Select Omurice with Japanese Curry Chicken ($6.00). This dish combines the comforting elements of Japanese curry and Hitomebore rice with the velvety goodness of an omelette. Featuring tender chicken smothered in rich Japanese curry sauce, and enveloped in a fluffy omelette – it's a Japanese fan-favourite that will hit the spot!

Silky Somen Noodles to Elevate Any Meal

For the first time ever, 7-Eleven is offering a delicious duo of somen noodle dishes, available at selected stores.

7-Select Somen with Inari in Dashi Stock ($5.50): Indulge in the goodness of slender, silky somen noodles in a savoury and comforting dashi broth, elevated with kombu and bonito flakes. This meal is perfect for those on-the-go for a quick lunch fix.

7-Select Soymilk Somen with Chicken ($6): Immerse yourself in the velvety embrace of chicken soymilk broth, boasting a rich and robust flavour profile that will leave you craving for more. Experience a symphony of flavours and textures that offer a satisfying mouthfeel and creaminess unlike any other.

Tasty Treats to Bring the Flavours of Japan to Your Day!
Delight your taste buds with an irresistible selection of Japanese-inspired treats, meticulously crafted to bring the flavours of Japan right to your doorstep.

7-Select Potato Salad with Nori Chicken Popcorn Bread Roll ($3.90): This fusion delight combines the crunch of seaweed popcorn chicken with the creamy goodness of potato salad in a soft bread roll, creating a unique and flavourful sensation that’ll be sure to please your palate.

7-Select Chicken Ham Katsu + Scrambled Egg with Tartar Sauce Double Combo Sandwich ($4.20): Looking for some variety? The Chicken Ham Katsu sandwich features a crispy breaded chicken ham cutlet sandwiched between soft slices of bread. At the same time, enjoy the Japanese-style sandwich filled with fluffy scrambled eggs and a tangy tartar sauce. Experience double the satisfaction in every bite!

7-Select Garlic Miso Ebi Burger ($3.90): Delight your tastebuds with a succulent shrimp patty nestled amidst the umami richness of stir-fried garlic miso cabbage, delivering a mouth-watering Japanese-inspired burger experience unlike any other.

7-Select Japanese-Style Potato Gratin ($3.90): Craving comfort food with a twist? Indulge in sliced potatoes and macaroni baked to golden perfection in a rich, creamy cheese sauce. It’s ideal as a side dish or a sumptuous snack!

Great news! Back by popular demand, the beloved 7-Select Chawanmushi ($3.90) is making its return to 7-Eleven. This delicate Japanese-style savoury custard is steamed to silky perfection and filled with a moreish medley of ingredients, including shiitake mushrooms, Japanese fishcakes and crabsticks.

But that's not all! From 17 April to 11 June 2024, egg lovers can redeem a 7-Select Chawanmushi with just 250 yuu Points and a $1 top-up. Don't miss out on this limited-time opportunity to spring into oiishi delights with these Japanese flavours at 7-Eleven!

For product details, please refer to this summary table:

7-Select Chicken Ham Katsu + Scrambled Egg with Tartar Sauce Double Combo Sandwich
7-Select Potato Salad with Nori Chicken Popcorn Bread Roll
7-Select Somen with Inari in Dashi Stock
7-Select Soymilk Somen with Chicken
7-Select Chicken Katsudon
7-Select Creamy Caramelised Onions Hamburg with Rice
7-Select Hayashi Beef with Rice
7-Select Omurice with Japanese Curry Chicken
7-Select Garlic Miso Ebi Burger
7-Select Chawanmushi
7-Select Japanese-Style Potato Gratin

All items above are halal certified. The onigiri do not contain pork or lard.

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17 Apr 2024



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