Namewee Donates "Millions of Me" Song to Pionex Brave Fund

SINGAPORE - Media OutReach - 18 October 2023 - Malaysia's distinguished songwriter and one of the country's top ten outstanding young people, Namewee, has announced his generous donation of the new song "Millions of Me" to the Pionex Brave Fund.

Namewee's decision to donate stems from his deep resonance with the "Be Brave" campaign initiated by the Pionex Brave Fund. Taking to his Facebook account on October 14th, Namewee expressed his alignment with the campaign's message and subsequently revealed his intention to donate the lead song "Millions of Me" from his upcoming album to the Pionex Brave Fund.

The song "Millions of Me" encompasses the theme of bravery, perfectly aligning with the "Be Brave to Be Yourself" campaign. Namewee has graciously donated the song to both the Pionex Brave Fund and to all courageous individuals.

Welcoming Namewee's contribution, the Pionex Brave Fund's official spokesperson responded to media inquiries, stating, "We hope that this collaboration will serve as an inspiration to many. Regardless of the challenges we face, it is crucial to persevere and exhibit bravery. Furthermore, the proceeds from the new song's copyright will be dedicated to advancing Web3 technology and providing blockchain education opportunities for marginalized communities worldwide."

As of October 16th, Namewee's donation announcement on Facebook has garnered over 100,000 likes, indicating a positive reception from the public.

The Pionex Brave Fund, initiated by Pionex, the world's largest cryptocurrency trading robot platform, was established with an initial investment of $10 million. Its mission is to support Web3 innovation projects and promote blockchain education for minority groups worldwide.

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18 Oct 2023

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