BingX to List BOBA TOSHI SOLO and FDUSD Coin On Spots Trading Platform

SINGAPORE - Media OutReach - 4 August 2023 - BingX, a cryptocurrency exchange , is thrilled to unveil the listing of a new trading pair, BOBA USDT. This momentous move comes as part of BingX's commitment to offer a diverse range of trading opportunities to its esteemed users.

Boba Network is a multichain layer-2 scaling solution built on optimism, aiming to enhance blockchain communication through rollup technology. It is compatible with EVM-based tools and supports multiple chains like Avalanche, BNB, Moonbeam, and Fantom, offering rapid transactions and significantly reduced fees. Boba Network utilizes Hybrid Compute technology to integrate Web2 capabilities into the blockchain, enabling smarter smart contracts with off-chain compute and real-world data. Boba Network's native token, BOBA, plays a pivotal role in the governance of Boba DAO, allowing holders to vote, propose, and delegate for community initiatives and network direction based on staked tokens.

With the addition of the BOBA/USDT trading pair, BingX is reinforcing its reputation as a leading cryptocurrency exchange. As of 4 August 2024, 08:00:00 (UTC+0), users can engage in BOBA coin spot trading on BingX.

BingX is devoted to performing comprehensive assessments of projects that have been listed on its platform. A group of skilled researchers diligently examines the inherent risks linked with new coin projects prior to providing them a place on the exchange. This rigorous evaluation procedure guarantees that only projects which adhere to the most elevated criteria are presented on BingX's prestigious spot trading platform.

Furthermore, BingX maintains vigilant oversight over the stability and performance of projects listed on its platform, even subsequent to their initial introduction to the trading arena. This continuous assessment phase enables BingX to reevaluate the project's appropriateness for potential inclusion on its Futures trading platform. Through this meticulous strategy, BingX strives to mitigate potential risks for traders and establish a trading environment that is both secure and dependable.

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About BingX
About BingX
Founded in 2018, BingX is a leading crypto exchange that offers spot, derivatives, copy, and grid trading services to over 100 countries and regions worldwide with over 5 million users. BingX continues to connect users with expert traders and the platform in a safe and innovative way. Trade tokens like , , and on BingX platform, suitable for all trader levels.






04 Aug 2023



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