BingX Increases User Autonomy with CCXT Integration

SINGAPORE - Media OutReach - 25 July 2023 - As a leading global cryptocurrency exchange, BingX is thrilled to announce the integration of Crypto Currency eXchange Trading Library (CCXT) into its platform. This integration further bolsters BingX's commitment to empowering users with enhanced trading capabilities and access to a wide range of functionalities.

CCXT is a renowned JavaScript / Python / PHP library that facilitates cryptocurrency trading and e-commerce by supporting numerous BTC, ETH, and altcoin exchange markets, as well as merchant APIs. This powerful library is leveraged by coders, developers, technically-skilled traders, data-scientists, and financial analysts to build trading algorithms and gain swift access to market data for various purposes, including algorithmic trading, strategy backtesting, and webshop integration.

BingX users can now leverage this powerful library to take their trading endeavors to new heights. The CCXT integration facilitates quicker and more streamlined trading activities, provides a wealth of market data for analysis, and offers a secure and reliable framework for developing advanced trading algorithms. By integrating CCXT into the BingX ecosystem, API traders can now effortlessly connect to BingX using standardized protocols offered by CCXT. This strategic integration offers seamless and efficient access, enabling traders to leverage the library's extensive capabilities while enjoying a consistent user experience.

Commenting on the cooperation, Elvisco Carrington, the Head of Content at BingX, emphasized the significance of this integration, stating, "At BingX, our mission has always been to provide our users with cutting-edge tools and features to enhance their trading experience. The integration of CCXT aligns perfectly with this goal, empowering our users with comprehensive access to cryptocurrency markets and enabling them to unleash their full trading potential. As BingX continues to strive for excellence and user-centric innovation, the CCXT integration is a testament to our dedication to enhancing user autonomy and providing an enriched trading environment for our valued users."

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About BingX
About BingX
BingX is a leading crypto exchange that offers spot, derivatives, copy, and grid trading services to over 100 countries and regions worldwide with over 5 million users. BingX continues to connect users with expert traders and the platform in a safe and innovative way.





25 Jul 2023



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