ScanKomfort Unveils Promotion of the Year: Discounted Mattresses with Bonus Gifts Included

SINGAPORE - Media OutReach - 20 July 2023 - ScanKomfort provides a sleep revolution as the renowned mattress brand in Singapore. It unveils an opportunity to transform any bedroom into a haven of relaxation. With discounted mattresses and bonus gifts, the journey to blissful slumber is just a few steps away.

ScanKomfort Unveils Limited Time Offer Until 27 August 2023

From 13 July to 27 August 2023, ScanKomfort is offering 35% off regular-priced German mattresses with an additional 5% off when customers make a purchase in their showrooms.

With every purchase of a mattress, customers will also receive a complimentary mattress protector, pillow, and an opulent German quilt. These bonus additions are designed to enhance comfort and provide a truly indulgent sleep experience.

This promotion is available at all Scanteak showrooms and anybody looking to upgrade their sleep routine should not miss out on this opportunity.

The Unique Features of ScanKomfort's Mattresses

From carefully selected materials to the intricate coils used in ScanKomfort's orthopedic mattresses, cooling mattresses, and beyond, each component is manufactured to exceed expectations.

One of the key highlights is the individually-packed pocketed springs in the mattresses. These springs are coiled up to twice the industry average, resulting in greater resilience and durability to provide enhanced support even with extended use. Moreover, the individually-packed design allows the springs to move independently, reducing motion transfer and ensuring a more peaceful sleep experience.

In addition to comfort, the mattress brand also prioritises hygiene and well-being. Understanding that we perspire during sleep, ScanKomfort has incorporated removable and machine-washable covers into their German mattresses. This feature makes it incredibly convenient to maintain a clean and sanitised sleeping environment.

ScanKomfort's Dedication to Ensuring Quality and Affordability

ScanKomfort also believes that everyone deserves to experience the comfort their German mattresses provide without having to compromise on their budget. That is why they have implemented a strategy to keep prices affordable.

While the materials used are exclusively sourced from Germany, their dedicated research and development team searches for quality materials that are a balance of comfort, durability, and cost-effectiveness. The brand continuously strives to provide the best value by exploring innovative options and staying at the forefront of industry trends.

Furthermore, their commitment to affordability is strengthened by a bulk procurement approach. By purchasing materials and mattresses in large quantities, they negotiate favourable pricing terms and secure significant cost savings, passing these savings directly on to their valued customers. This ensures that customers enjoy the luxury and craftsmanship of German mattresses without breaking the bank.

Unmatched Comfort and Value

ScanKomfort delivers exceptional quality at an affordable price point and takes great pride in its ability to strike the perfect balance between cost and quality, ensuring that every sleep experience is truly remarkable.

Customers are encouraged to head down to any Scanteak showroom to experience the benefits for themselves or browse the ScanKomfort collection online beforehand.

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ScanKomfort by ScanTeak
ScanKomfort by ScanTeak
ScanKomfort is a leading mattress brand in Singapore, dedicated to delivering both comfort and quality through its premium German mattresses. With a customer-centric approach and innovative designs, ScanKomfort aims to redefine affordable luxury in the mattress industry.

ScanKomfort by ScanTeak




20 Jul 2023


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