The Little Flower Shop Singapore Doubles Down on Customised Event Floral Installations

SINGAPORE - Media OutReach - 29 May 2023 - In response to the revived event industry, The Little Flower Shop is excited to unveil its latest addition: a specialised B2B service for floral installations and decorations. This innovative expansion positions them as a trusted partner for businesses seeking unique and extraordinary floral aesthetics. Unwavering in their commitment, The Little Flower Shop continues to create memorable and bespoke decorations, enhancing both private and corporate spaces alike.

Meeting the Growing Demand for Event Setups
Though often overlooked due to their ubiquity, floral installations and decorations play a vital role in elevating the ambience of commercial and private events. Their presence adds a touch of elegance and sophistication — transforming ordinary spaces into extraordinary experiences. Especially since events are returning with a vengeance after being put on pause by the pandemic, creating memorable and lasting impressions has become more important than ever.

‘Little’ Shop, Big Aspirations
Understanding the significance of these details, The Little Flower Shop is dedicated to fulfilling clients' event needs by providing exceptional floral services. Thus, this new service will focus on enhancing its services provided to B2B customers with their versatile offerings. Furthermore, with 17 years of experience working with businesses, The Little Flower Shop is able to use its knowledge and expertise to tailor its offerings to suit specific needs, such as its subscription services to companies with recurring events. With this, The Little Flower Shop hopes that it will not only be able to serve its best customers — i.e., banks, motor companies, and more — it will also be able to cater to a wider range of industries in the future for their event decoration needs.

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About The Little Flower Shop
About The Little Flower Shop
Established in 2006, The Little Flower Shop began as a humble, traditional flower shop and has since grown into a leading provider of tailored floral services for businesses all over Shenton Way. Driven by a passion for connecting people through the beauty of flowers, their team specialises in creating tasteful, eye-catching quality floral installations for businesses to uphold their corporate identity. With a dedication to uniqueness and customer satisfaction, The Little Flower Shop utilises the freshest flowers and best materials for their as well as .





29 May 2023

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