Drive For Better With Enhanced Quon: Safety Innovation That Puts People First

SINGAPORE - Media OutReach - 17 May 2023 - UD Trucks today announced its enhanced Quon, equipped with innovative safety features that puts people first. Dependable and safe for all drivers, road users and communities, the enhanced Quon comes with improved technology to assist drivers on the roads. The truck also delivers higher fuel efficiency, performance and productivity, making truck transportation more sustainable while supporting Japan's 2050 carbon neutrality goals.

"UD Trucks puts people first across its innovations and vehicles," said Jacques Michel, Senior Vice President, UD Trucks International Sales. "Our enhanced Quon demonstrates that – it provisions the highest level of safety possible for drivers through its integrated suite of advanced and smart detection features, allowing drivers to achieve their progress on the roads."

Enhanced Quon also provides greater uptime, optimizing operational efficiency and streamlining costs for businesses, and building greater resilience for them amidst times of volatility.

Extensive suite of features keeping drivers and their surroundings safe

Maintaining safety on the roads remains UD Truck's top priority. This is captured within the enhanced Quon's design and features, packed with a comprehensive suite of safety technologies. New, advanced features introduced on the enhanced Quon includes the improved Smart Traffic Eye Brake System[1] that uses its new radar and front looking camera to detect any potential collision with a vehicle or vulnerable road users such as pedestrians and cyclists, alongside the Moving Off Information Signal function. It also has a new, upgraded Driver Alert System – an in-cab camera, activating a two-step alarm and warning to alert the driver to take a break. The Traffic sign recognition is another integrated feature in the camera which recognizes the traffic signs and displays the same on the instrument cluster helping drivers avoid overlooking signs. These new features come equipped on top of its original active safety technologies, which includes the Traffic Eye Cruise Control with new Stop & Driver Initiate Go function, the Smart BSIS (Blind Spot Information System), Smart Lane Departure Warning System and UD Stability Control.

The enhanced Quon helps to keep drivers safe on the roads and will continue to do so with more features upcoming for the truck. UD Trucks continues to contribute towards improving and driving long-term commercial vehicle safety and protecting drivers, communities and other road users, as part of achieving the automotive industry's Vision Zero future of no injuries of fatalities from road collisions.

Upgraded trucks delivering superior performance and uptime

The enhanced Quon offers superior reliability and durability, through state-of-the-art enhancements that incurs fewer breakdowns, lowers servicing frequency and maintenance costs, delivering ultimate value to businesses. Additionally, improvements to servicing schedule via a reduction of up to 50 percent[2] visits for servicing, saves on vehicle time spent in workshops for damages and repairs, while concurrently allowing for a reduction in insurance claims[3]. Complemented with smart solutions such as the Smart BSIS (Blind Spot Information System), Smart Lane Change Support and Improved Smart Traffic Eye Brake, possible liabilities from accident claims from vehicles and vulnerable road users can be reduced.

Owners can also expect easy maintenance with UD Trust Service Agreements which includes curation of a maintenance plan based on vehicle usage, covering optimal preventive maintenance and reliable inspections. Quon trucks are also supported with UD Extra Mile Support solutions that taps into the full UD network to access vehicle support which benefits owners throughout their vehicle lifestyle and lifespan – spanning across vehicle handover training programme, manufacturer's warranty, UD Road Support, on top of reliable servicing by qualified technicians with genuine parts and UD Telematics. There is also lower maintenance cost expected from the enhanced Quon, as its engine uses VDS-5 5W-30 engine oil, enabling change intervals to be increased to up to 95,000km, a 35 percent[4] improvement from VDS-4, where there are also lesser filters to be replaced during servicing.

Enhanced solutions delivering higher fuel efficiency, performance and productivity

The enhanced Quon is UD Trucks' most powerful and reliable truck yet, with its GH11 engine delivering up to 2.5 percent[5] improvement in fuel economy, reducing operating and ownership costs in the long term. It enables increased engine wear protection and low viscosity, with exceptional anti-wear, deposit and soot control protecting engine and valve train components such as cylinders, pistons and rings. Its new engine and high efficiency rear differential axle carrier also delivers more power and torque by retaining it onto the wheels and reducing drivetrain loss. The truck also comes with an intuitively designed ESCOT-VI 12-speed automated manual transmission that is simple and easy-to-use, providing improved and faster gear shifting while suppressing fluctuations in fuel efficiency.

The truck is also integrated with a 'Nenpi' fuel coach system displaying optimal fuel efficiency advice and driving techniques that drivers can leverage. An advanced fuel sending unit installed onboard providing more accurate fuel readings, alongside a redesigned fuel tank for 8L engines that provides higher ground clearance. The truck's Idle Shut Down feature, which automatically shuts down the engine after a few minutes of idling during parking helps to enhance fuel economy.

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[1] The Smart Traffic Eye Brake provides assistance for safe driving but does not guarantee that all collisions will be avoided. It might not be possible to use this system on some roads and in some weather conditions. Drivers are to take care to drive safely without total reliance on this system.

[2] Based on annual mileage of 80,000km. Depending on applications and road usage.

[3] Up to 27 percent less in bodily damage claims and up to 19 percent less in property damage claims.

[4] Based on the usage of VDS-5 5W-30 engine oil on the new improved GH11 Engine. Test conducted by UD Trucks and dependent on application and road usage.

[5] Based on test conducted by UD Trucks. Depending on applications and road usage.

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17 May 2023


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