CloudFX Delivers “The Holy Grail” of Cloud Brokerage, Automation and Management Platforms, CloudSelect 2.0

SINGAPORE - Media OutReachMay 14th, 2015 - CIO Review's most Innovative Cloud Company for 2015, CloudFX today (May 14) announced the launch of its first-of-its-kind Cloud Service Brokerage platform that will allow users to customise, configure, deploy and manage cloud services from the world's most popular cloud service providers through one secure, central market place.


CloudSelect 2.0 ( follows fast on the footsteps of CloudFX's first CSB platform offering CloudSelect and offers a multitude of functionality enhancements they believe will finally bring the promise of Cloud computing to SMB's, Enterprises and Service Providers looking to simplify the design, deployment and management of multi-supplier cloud services.


"2015 has seen a step change in the demand for Cloud services and the realisation that when optimally designed, deployed and managed through an easy to use, secure and customisable platform, Cloud services represents a vastly superior model of IT service creation and consumption vs. legacy physical asset IT models", says Damian Crotty, CloudFX's Founder and CEO.


Crotty continues "Despite this, the majority of customers remain confused about the who, what, where and why of disparate cloud service vendor offerings so we've focused on fixing that problem and now make Cloud service choice, consumption, automation, management and billing easier than it's ever been".


CloudFX is already working with global telecommunication, government, system integration and distribution leaders via their CloudSelect 1.0 and claim to be the first and only significant Asia Pacific provider in this high growth segment, with operations spanning the region.


"Customers want to use Cloud services, and in fact are, as a way to bring down costs, improve service agility, drive business model enhancements and scale the productivity of their workforces, but many are doing this in very disparate ways. They might use AWS, SFDC, O365, Azure, Oracle on Demand, SAP, Soft Layer and local ISV products, but they are consuming, presenting, automating and managing these workloads independently of each other which is making IT inherently more complex and eliminating any business benefit of leveraging Cloud as an alternative IT services model at all", claims Crotty.


CloudSelect 2.0 has been designed to enable a customer, be that the largest Enterprise, SMB, Reseller or Cloud Service provider to consume multi-vendor services in real-time and treat the automation, management, consumption, metering, governance, compliance and billing uniformly, enabling true Hybrid Cloud computing.


CloudSelect 2.0 allows customers to choose from Virtual Data Centre packages, Cloud Desktop solutions and a broad array of SaaS applications all with integrated Managed services for all virtual service workloads. New Management Control Panels will offer single pane of glass management of cloud workloads from multiple services providers which provides visibility to real-time billing and purchase history coupled with end to end life cycle management of virtual machines and end users.


"We've invested heavily in simplifying how clients design and consume Cloud service workloads by launching a new feature called SmartBuy, which simplifies the configuration of Virtual Data Centre, Virtual Private Cloud or Enterprise Mobility stacks at infinite size and scale in less than 5 minutes with all the relevant network and virtual machine options; this is a world first and will completely change the way Enterprises around the world use Cloud Computing in the future," says Damian.


"We are extremely excited about this next phase of our growth and more importantly, the ability for us to bring ground-breaking solutions to customer genuinely interested in doing things better than they are today."


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15 May 2015


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