SIBUR offers medical-grade polymers to customers in Middle East, Africa and China

MOSCOW, RUSSIA - Media OutReach - 30 October 2023 - Following the success of its medical-grade polymers in Russia and the CIS, SIBUR has offered customers from China and Turkey as well as countries in Africa and the Middle East the opportunity to test its medical-grade polyethylene and polypropylene designed for packaging for infusion solutions and the production of medical devices.

  • SIBUR's polyethylene for BFS packaging for infusion solutions can withstand sterilisation temperatures of up to 121 degrees Celsius, while the industrial average is only 108 degrees Celsius
  • SIBUR's medical grades of both polyethylene and polypropylene have been endorsed by leading BFS machinery manufacturers and comply with European and US pharmacopoeias.

Alexey Shamov, Head of Marketing for Industry Solutions at SIBUR, commented:

"We first developed these polymers to meet demand in the Russian healthcare market. Now, in response to increasing global demand for medical-grade polymers in various countries, driven by growth in healthcare, we have added them to our export portfolio as well."

Initial testing of SIBUR's medical-grade polymers in Egypt has demonstrated that they meet the specified characteristics and are now approved for packaging for infusion solutions. SIBUR is currently in negotiations to supply this product to various pharmaceutical producers in Egypt on a regular basis.

Samples of SIBUR's medical-grade polymers are presently undergoing testing in China, Kenya, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. Tests are also scheduled to take place in Pakistan, Turkey and Vietnam.

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30 Oct 2023



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