50th Anniversary of China-Malaysia Diplomatic Relations : BEST Express Malaysia Innovates Melaka's Logistics Landscape

MALACCA, MALAYSIA - Media OutReach Newswire - 27 May 2024 - This year commemorates the 50th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Malaysia and China, an occasion celebrated with enthusiasm across the nation, especially in the vibrant Jonker Street of Melaka. BEST Express Malaysia, established in Melaka four years ago, has been at the forefront of providing efficient, reliable, and customer-centric logistics services. By incorporating modern conveniences and advanced technologies, BEST Express Malaysia is meeting diverse logistics needs, supporting local businesses, and driving regional economic growth.

In 2024, as Malaysia and China mark 50 years of diplomatic ties, BEST Express Malaysia enhances Melaka's logistics landscape with cutting-edge solutions and community-focused services.
In 2024, as Malaysia and China mark 50 years of diplomatic ties, BEST Express Malaysia enhances Melaka's logistics landscape with cutting-edge solutions and community-focused services.

BEST Inc Malaysia CEO, Gavin Lu, expressed, "As we celebrate the 50th anniversary of Malaysia-China diplomatic relations, we being a Chinese company rooted in Malaysia, take pride in witnessing this historic moment. Our excellence and innovation in logistics further strengthen the close ties between the two countries."

"Melaka's rich culture and history have provided us excellent opportunities to support local businesses and residents. Our goal is to blend the city's historical significance with modern logistics solutions, ensuring the community enjoys seamless and efficient delivery services. BEST Express Malaysia is committed to leveraging local talent, contributing to the economy, and fostering community development. Our advanced technology and customer-centric services enhance the experiences of residents and businesses, making each delivery more than just a parcel , but a link connecting people to unique heritage of Melaka."

He stated that BEST Express Malaysia is dedicated to establishing the BEST brand in Melaka, with a commitment to long-term investment in strengthening relationships with the community. Their services are tailored to meet the unique needs of the local community, from individuals to businesses, ensuring top-notch service and reliability.

"Our objective is to be Melaka's trusted and reliable partner, providing exceptional service and prioritizing customer satisfaction. BEST Express Malaysia is more than just a courier company; our comprehensive logistics solutions—including cargo delivery, cross-border logistics, supply chain solutions, and SaaS—are ready to support the diverse needs of our customers, driving growth and success throughout the region."

Looking forward, BEST Express Malaysia will continue to drive development through innovation, optimizing the logistics network and service levels to meet rapidly changing market demands. The logistic service provider is confident that through continuous technological upgrades and service innovations, not only they can provide customers with superior logistics experiences, but also make greater contribution to the economic wealth of Melaka and Malaysia as a whole.

Additionally, BEST Express Malaysia will deepen collaboration with local communities and businesses to bolster local economic development. By constantly enhancing service quality and customer satisfaction, they aim to inject new vitality into the historic city of Melaka, making modern logistics technology a bridge connecting tradition and the future.

"To further promote the development logistics sector in Melaka, BEST Express Malaysia is actively seeking new talents and partners to join our team. We strongly believe that by bringing together various talents and resources, we can jointly advance logistics innovation and development in Melaka, creating a more efficient and modern logistics ecosystem. We look forward to work with more partners to create a brighter future together," said Gavin.

In this milestone year, BEST Express Malaysia stands with the people of Melaka, embracing a brighter future together. They promise to continuously uphold the "customer-centric" philosophy, improving service quality and customer satisfaction, and demonstrating their long-term commitment to Melaka and its residents through concrete actions.

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BEST Inc. (NYSE: BEST) is a leading integrated smart supply chain solutions and logistics services provider in China and Southeast Asia. Through its proprietary technology platform and extensive networks, BEST offers a comprehensive set of logistics and value-added services, including freight delivery, supply chain management and global logistics services. BEST's mission is to empower business and enrich life by leveraging technology and business model innovation to create a smarter, more efficient supply chain.

BEST Inc started its business mapping for Southeast Asia market expansion in 2018. The group completed its express delivery network coverage in Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, and Singapore in 2020, and opened up the cross-border logistics network between China and Southeast Asia.

Started with express delivery network in Southeast Asia market, BEST Inc has gradually built-up its global warehouses, cross-border networks, and cargo networks.

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27 May 2024


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