WeTV Enters a Partnership with Media Prima, Making Exclusive Premium, On-Demand Content More Accessible For Viewers

KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA - Media OutReach - 3 December 2020 - Malaysia's entertainment scene has reached new heights as it celebrates a partnership between leading streaming platform for emerging markets; WeTV and the nation's integrated media powerhouse, Media Prima. This significant milestone will see both parties working hand in hand to offer rich on-demand experiences to locals and viewers across Asia, boosting local content offerings for both parties. This partnership entails a licensing deal that enables WeTV's acquisition of both exclusive and library titles from Media Prima, beginning 26 November.


Since January 2020, WeTV Malaysia has seen a viewership growth of more than 10-fold, positioning it as one of the nation's leading streaming platforms. The entertainment scene is taking the initiative to adapt to digitalisation with the rise in digital consumers as the masses are shifting from the traditional means of media consumption to more on-demand offerings and services.


As a result of this partnership, a variety of content from Media Prima will be readily available on the WeTV platform, paving the way for more Media Prima consumers to access on-demand local content offerings. This content will not only consist of library titles formerly aired through Media Prima's channels but also brand new exclusive programmes and films locally produced by the entertainment house themselves. This partnership will serve to further strengthen the local entertainment industry and bolster it with even higher quality content which will be enjoyed by not just Malaysians but by viewers across Asia through the WeTV platform.


To kick off the partnership between both parties, two new exclusive programmes by Media Prima will also be launched via WeTV's streaming platform throughout the month of November and December. "Sang Pewaris" depicts a rags to riches story with an interesting romantic twist in the plot, featuring on 26 November 2020 while "Bidadari Salju" looks into a classic tale of love revenge and is set to be released on 15 December.


"We are very excited to be working hand-in-hand with Media Prima, one of the entertainment pioneers for this collaboration and are honoured to be the chosen streaming platform for all of their great content as the local entertainment industry moves forward in big digital strides", said Aik Kuang Heng, Country Manager of WeTV Malaysia. "With this partnership, we hope that the drama and film industry in Malaysia will achieve a fresh breakthrough as the programmes are made to be even more accessible. From working together as well we hope to further promote and shed light onto the local creative industry while driving up viewership across both WeTV and Media Prima platforms."


The WeTV and Media Prima partnership will be at the forefront of introducing a vast array of Malay-centric content, with exciting future plans of adding more Media Prima library titles in phases. Boasting over 9.5 million daily audience reach, Media Prima is excited to further expand its reach by bringing its content online.  "Our goal with this partnership is to ensure that the local audiences are able to enjoy their favourite shows on-demand via their preferred streaming device", said Datuk Khai Salleh, Chief Executive Officer of Primeworks Studios and Television Networks, Media Prima Berhad . "We are equally as excited as WeTV to have them on board as we figure out ways to navigate and elevate the industry to a whole new level together. With this collaboration, we're aiming to reach out to an even bigger pool of audience as streaming is made convenient for everyone. Our current library of programmes also consist of a diverse range of genres, with a focus on Asian titles, ensuring that everyone has something to look forward to watching."


A large majority of the programmes on WeTV are available to be streamed free of charge, anywhere and at any time. Support the local entertainment industry by catching "Sang Pewaris" and "Bidadari Salju" right now, streaming exclusively on WeTV at wetv.vip, or on the application available on the Apple Store for iOS users and the Google Play Store for Android users.

About WeTV
About WeTV

WeTV Malaysia is an Asian streaming service that sees the creation of premier video-on-demand (VOD) and provides over-the-top (OTT) local content. The streaming service provides content from around the region, inclusive of selected Malaysian, Indonesian, Korean and Chinese series and movies. Operating as a freemium service, the basic features and most shows can be accessed for free while for an ad-free service with more premium content can be accessed for a small fee. WeTV can be accessed on your browser at wetv.vip, or on the application available on the Apple Store for iOS users and the Google Play Store for Android users.

About Primeworks Studios

Primeworks Studios is an established South-East Asian production company involved in the creative content business in every aspect of the media chain in TV and film production, content sales, film distribution and marketing, animation, talent management as well as licensing and merchandising. It is an award-winning content company producing over 3,000 hours of compelling content annually for a range of platforms including television, cinema and digital. The production house is the creative force behind a wide range of content genres including entertainment, animation, magazine, documentary, sports, and drama.

About Media Prima

Listed on the Main Board of Bursa Malaysia, Media Prima Berhad ("Media Prima" or the "Group") is Malaysia's leading fully-integrated media company with a complete repertoire of media-related businesses in television (TV3, 8TV, ntv7, and TV9) , Print (The New Straits Times Press (Malaysia) Berhad), Radio (Media Prima Radio Networks), Out-of-home advertising (Big Tree, The Right Channel, Kurnia Outdoor, Gotcha, UPD, Big Tree Seni Jaya), Home Shopping Network & E- Commerce ( CJ WOW SHOP),  Content Creation ( Primeworks Studios)  and Digital Media ( Media Prima Digital, REV Asia Holdings, Media Prima Lab)

The Group's latest service, Media Prima Omnia, is an integrated solution provider that offers creative services and integrated marketing solutions across all Media Prima platforms, specialising in brand campaigns, events and creative content. Omnia's services currently address 98% of Malaysian households, and 24 million audiences across all ages and walks of life in the country daily.






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