Next Wave: Hong Kong’s Biggest Beach Music Event Headlined By DJ Sidtrus

HONG KONG SAR - Media OutReach - 9 August 2023 - The Next Wave Music Festival, dubbed the premier beach music festival in Hong Kong, concluded with flourishing applause, leaving a lasting impression on attendees. The two-day Mediterranean-themed carnival, held on July 29 and 30, saw an overwhelming response with over 15,000 music enthusiasts and partygoers each day, setting a new paradigm for beach parties and outdoor music festivals across the city.


Nestled in the beautiful Discovery Bay private bay, a venue boasting a larger capacity than the Hong Kong football stadium, this music festival offered an unparalleled melange of vibrant music, trendsetting bikini catwalk shows, and electrifying performances from an array of distinguished local and international artists, including the new sensation, DJ Sidtrus, and Jon, a seasoned performer.

The festival's standout star and brand ambassador of Supernova at Next Wave, DJ Sidtrus, left a profound impact on the audience. A music enthusiast since childhood, found his calling in DJing while recovering from a foot injury at home. The experience led him to purchase DJ equipment and teach himself the art, eventually turning his interest into a rewarding career. His transformative journey from an ardent music admirer at a young age to a professional DJ and music producer, propelled by relentless passion and a fortuitous opportunity, resonated deeply with festival-goers, cementing his place as the rising prodigy in the global electronic dance music (EDM) industry.

DJ Sidtrus' spellbinding performance at the Next Wave was a beacon of his talent and dedication. Under the tutelage of Sherman Yeung, the director of community organisation Sentaurus, DJ Sidtrus has not only honed his DJing skills, but has also ventured into music production. Since, he has launched a music single NFT, "Take Me Home", featuring Jon as lead vocalist, which garnered near HK$3 million in sales and earning the track the title of top five highest music NFT sales in Asia. His more recent work includes EDM pop track, "Never Too Late", featuring the internationally celebrated singer Alessia, is already creating waves of anticipation among fans and industry experts.

Initially a Sidtrus fan, Sherman recognised the potential in this rising star and together, co-founded Supernova – the trailblazing music brand devoted to uplifting and inspiring the masses through the universal power of music. As a pioneer in the Hong Kong music scene, Supernova is dedicated to nurturing local talent and fostering a community of creatives through engaging events, exclusive product lines, and unique experiences.

The Next Wave Music Festival signified a pivotal moment in Hong Kong's music evolution, particularly for the EDM genre. Brands such as Supernova is an authority within this industry and represents a significant stride towards shaping Hong Kong into a city that cultivates and supports creatives from diverse backgrounds. The festival has not only raised the bar for similar events in the city but has also enhanced its reputation as a global hub for music creation and appreciation.

As the echoes of the Mediterranean carnival recede, the influence of DJ Sidtrus performance and the festival's enhancement to the music scene continue to reverberate, heralding a promising future for Hong Kong's electronic music scene and firmly establishing Next Wave as a bucket-list event for music fans worldwide.

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Supernova is an international music and entertainment label established in Hong Kong in 2021. Founder of Supernova, Sherman Yeung, believes that as the world recovers from COVID-19, and with the advent of new technology, music and art should be created and shared in a completely different way.

Musicians and artists have always faced pressure and limitations from record labels and traditional distribution channels due to the industry's culture, but Supernova was created with the vision to create art with no boundaries. Its mission is to provide a platform where passionate and talented musicians, who often lack opportunities, can shine, through creating unique live shows and music festivals in Hong Kong and Asia, as well as releasing its work through non-traditional methods like using non-fungible tokens (NFTs) as a medium to connect with fans around the world.

By infusing music with electronic dance music (EDM) elements, Supernova aims to create a new and revolutionary sound, performed in events that will redefine entertainment and joy.






09 Aug 2023

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