Learn Smart Education Center Initiates "Save the Affected Teachers and Students Action"

Fast-track Teacher Recruitment Program Set Up, Up to Two Months' Salary Advance Available, Free Trial Classes for Students, Half-Price Summer Courses

HONG KONG SAR - Media OutReach - 31 July 2023 - A chain of education centers recently announced abrupt closures, affecting over 500 parents and students, and hindering the learning progress of hundreds of students. Multiple tutors also encountered delayed payments. "Learn Smart Education Center" is deeply concerned about the incident and has promptly initiated the "Save the Affected Teachers and Students Action" to ensure that the affected students and tutors will not lose their way on the path of learning.

The person on the left is Spencer Lam.

For students affected by the incident, Learn Smart Education Center will offer free Chinese, English, and Mathematics tutorial experiences and trial classes. For students holding unused class receipts from "Brilliant Education," Learn Smart Education Center will offer half-price discounts for summer classes, aiming to minimize the parents' losses and ensure that students' learning progress is uninterrupted. On the other hand, for the affected tutors, Learn Smart Education Center will initiate a special interview plan to help them find new job opportunities as soon as possible. Learn Smart Education Center will open 30 positions and provide up to two months' salary advance, with a total budget of HKD 100,000.

Spencer Lam, co-founder of Learn Smart Education Center, said: "Although we have no connection with the involved education center, as a member of the education sector in Hong Kong, we hope to contribute within our capability, take on our social responsibility, and hope that through this action, we can provide a smooth transition for students' learning and offer appropriate support for parents and tutors."

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About Learn Smart Education Center
About Learn Smart Education Center
Learn Smart Education primarily offers tutoring for primary and secondary school students. The aim of Learn Smart Education is to provide comprehensive learning opportunities for students, ensuring that tutoring is available regardless of wealth or level, and to promote upward mobility in society through education. Learn Smart Education currently operates four campuses, located in North Point, Mong Kok, and Prince Edward. Tutors at Learn Smart Education Center are graduates from top institutions, and have over 10 years of experience in their teaching subjects. Learn Smart Education currently offers tutoring courses in the following subjects: High School: Chinese, English, Mathematics, Economics, Chinese History; Middle School: Chinese, English, Mathematics; Elementary School: English, Mathematics, and additional IELTS tutoring courses, preparing students for studying abroad or other purposes.


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31 Jul 2023

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