Belgian Premium Baby Furniture & Product Brand CHILDHOME Launches New EVOSIT Adjustable High Chair: From Infancy to Adulthood in One Chair

HONG KONG SAR - Media OutReach - 19 July 2023 - Childhome is a premium baby furniture and products brand from Belgium. The minimalist Nordic design interprets elegant aesthetic taste through minimalist patterns. It helps new parents easily adapt to baby care while providing the utmost safety and comprehensive care for babies so that they can live their lives with peace of mind.

One of Childhome's most iconic products is the Evolutive High Chair. We all know that proper nutrition and good eating habits have a significant impact on a baby's development. Therefore, Childhome children's grow chairs are designed to allow both babies and parents to enjoy mealtimes easier. Childhome proudly presents the latest addition to their lineup – the EVOSIT Adjustable High Chair, designed to make mealtimes convenient and comfortable, allowing babies and parents to enjoy a touch of whimsical delight during mealtime. Watch your child play with spoons, trains, teddy bears, or anything that brings joy. Encourage them to sit calmly at the table and engage with family members. The EVOSIT High Chair invites you to embrace mealtime magic, where endless fun and cherished memories await!

Creation of a Warm and Harmonious Home Decor

"Connecting with Nature" is the philosophy behind the EVOSIT high chair. The design incorporates harmony and balance while combining aesthetics and practicality to provide a more comfortable dining experience for babies.

The high chair uses high-quality beech wood as a stable structure. It has a smooth contour and shows high quality and exquisite craftsmanship after meticulous polishing. Additionally, the high chair uses a concealed screw & bolt design that blends perfectly into the entire design without compromising the aesthetics of the furniture, enhancing the harmony of the home decor.

The EVOSIT High Chair has a diverse, eye-catching, and trendy color selection. In addition to the basic natural oak, grey, black, and white, Childhome has added the most trendy hues for the 2023 interior design - terracotta and mint green, giving the home a more personalized style and charm with an infinite appeal.

Functionality and Craftsmanship

The EVOSIT high chair's seat and footrest can be quickly adjusted with a just a press of button without tools. The chair is equipped with a thoughtful five-point safety harness which provides more comprehensive protection compared to a traditional three-point safety harness. It can properly secure the baby's shoulders, waist, and legs, while allowing them to move freely in the seat. This design not only provides better protection but also lets babies enjoy mealtimes more comfortably. In addition, the chair comes with a dining tray and guardrail that can be removed or used together according to the baby's developmental needs at each stage. Parents can adjust the different seat and footrest heights to help the baby develop good sitting posture habits. Babies can sit on their thrones to engage in various activities, greatly increasing functionality and practicality.

A Throne That Grows with The Baby

Suitable for babies and adults of all ages, from newborn through adulthood. The minimalist Nordic design suits every family and integrates into any home. The 6 colours, natural wood, grey, black, white, mint and terracotta are made of high-quality beech wood. You can pair it with different cute and comfortable seat cushions or newborn seat chairs.

The chair enlarge the sitting area provides ample space for the baby to stretch and move so that children can sit comfortably. Now parents and children can enjoy mealtimes together with ease and cherish precious time together.

The EVOSIT high chair has a spacious and comfortable interior space that provides ample room for the baby to stretch while achieving an appropriate balance between safety and activity. Smooth edges avoid scratching on the delicate skin. The wooden footrests allow babies to develop good sitting posture. Little one can enjoy meal time safely and comfortably with parents to share precious quality time together. They have a seat cushion specifically designed for for Evosit. Parents can also choose their universal cute cushions like the teddy or bunny , allowing parents to choose a seat cushion for the baby and add a different touch to the throne.

In addition, the high chair can be used in combination with the newborn recliner chair from birth to six months. The soft cushion and five-point safety harness of the recliner chair can protect the baby while allowing them to explore the world more safely and comfortably. Parents can also gently twist the buttons to adjust the recliner's tilt for easy interaction with the baby. The high chair can also be matched with various accessories, from newborn recliner chairs to learning table chairs, game table chairs, etc., to help babies embark on a healthy and enriching journey through life. The EVOSIT high chair is a highly versatile product that can accompany babies from the beginning and provide them with the best dining experience and space to learn and grow.


Product Introduction

Childhome EVOSIT Adjustable High Chair HKD1,699

  • 6 colours to choose from: Natural Oak, Gray, Black, White, Mint Green and Terracotta. Made from high-quality oak wood.
  • Maximum load: High chair 15 kg, regular chair 85 kg
  • Standard accessories: 5-point safety harness, foot barrier and dining tray (all removable)

Optional accessories sold separately: Seat cushion and newborn seat

  • Size: 53 x 45 x 86cm

Dining tray size: 36cm (W) x 17cm (D)

Dining tray height from ground level: 72.5cm

Seat size: 43cm (W) x 23cm (D)

Adjustable seat height: 56cm, 52.5cm, 49cm

Footrest size: 43cm (W) x 26cm (D)

Adjustable footrest height: 41cm, 37cm, 33.5cm, 29.5cm and 26cm

Ground space: 45cm x 60cm

  • Multi-stage high chair
Adjust the seat and footrest to different heights according to the baby's developmental needs at each stage, suitable for sitting and dining comfortably from 6 months to adulthood

  • Safe and comfortable
The high chair is equipped with a 5-point safety harness, foot barrier and dining tray to provide maximum protection and a safe dining place for the baby

  • Suitable for the whole family
Designed for 6 months to adults. You can use the EVOSIT as a high chair for children with a maximum load of 15 kg or as a regular chair for adults with a maximum load of 85 kg.

  • Comfortable seat cushion
Change to different cute seat cushion styles to make your baby feel comfortable and stable.

  • Safety-focused design
Pay attention to every detail of the design, carefully hiding each screw and bolt to highlight the elegant lines of the chair and showcase its aesthetic appeal.

  • Chair back handle design
Allows you to move the chair quickly and easily.

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About Childhome
About Childhome
Originating in 1985, Childhome began with a Belgian family creating a loving growth environment for their babies. Until now, Childhome has successfully created a nursery that is stylish, safe and comfortable, as well as meeting the needs of babies exploring outdoors.

"Create simple and stylish products for new generation parents" is our brand concept. We hope all parents can enjoy every moment with their babies. Now, let Childhome add colour & design ideas to your lives!

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19 Jul 2023

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