Neurum’s digital intervention achieves 95% effectiveness in boosting employees’ wellbeing

HONG KONG SAR - Media OutReach - 30 June 2023 - Neurum Health ("Neurum"), a Hong Kong-based health tech company, has unveiled research findings that demonstrate the successful improvement of employees' well-being through digital intervention.

According to the research titled "Impact of a Digital Intervention Tool for Workplace Behavior and Emotional Wellbeing on Employees' Stress, Motivation, and Productivity*," conducted by Neurum, the implementation of digital intervention has proven to be effective in enhancing employees' wellbeing. The study reveals that digital intervention leads to a significant reduction in stress levels while increasing productivity and motivation among employees.

The digital intervention refers to the Neurum app, a digital health platform designed to address various aspects of workplace behaviour and emotional wellbeing. It provides employees with a self-paced programme divided into six learning sessions, allowing them to enhance their wellbeing at their own pace.

After participating in the digital intervention program for a duration of seven days, the intervention group demonstrated that 95 out of 100 times, the use of Neurum's work stress-focused digital intervention enabled a reduction in stress and an increase in productivity and motivation. All three values measured pre- and post-intervention show an observable change in the scores obtained for workplace stress, productivity, and motivation.

Megan Lam, Chief Executive Officer of Neurum, emphasised the effectiveness of deploying scalable digital interventions to improve employee wellbeing. She stated, "Our precision AI-powered health platform successfully showed effectiveness by positive outcomes. This research paves the way for a promising step towards understanding digital intervention's role in creating a motivated workforce, and practical steps in fostering a preventative approach."

Himani Kulkarni, Psychology Program Lead of Neurum, added, "While previous research predominantly explored digital interventions' impact on individual-level depression and anxiety, our study bridges the gap by examining wellbeing measures in the context of the Asian workplace."

The full research paper is available here:

Other research conducted by Neurum's research team: A digital approach to workplace mental health: A randomized controlled trial examining the effectiveness of a smartphone-based personalized intervention

*The 2022 Singapore Conference on Applied Psychology was organised by East Asia Research and supported by Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD) and University of Derby.

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About Neurum
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30 Jun 2023

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