Wisdom Professional Achieves Over HKD 3 billion Accumulated Approved Loan Value for Enterprises in Hong Kong and Establishes Its Leading Edges with Multiple Award Wins

HONG KONG SAR - Media OutReach - 30 June 2023 - Wisdom Professional is pleased to share its recent milestone of being recognized by The Hong Kong Council of Social Service and is included in "The Caring Company Scheme" commendation list. The award endorses Hong Kong enterprises that partake in social responsibilities. In addition to providing business consulting services for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), Wisdom Professional also actively contributes to the underprivileged communities, adding warmth to the stereotypically dispassionate financial service industry. An active member in the financial sector, the company has won a series of business awards in recent years, including the "Hong Kong Most Valuable Enterprise Award" by Mediazone and the "Hong Kong Famous Brand" by Famous Brands. It has also been invited by renowned media partners, such as ViuTV and Metro Information Channel, to exclusive interviews as honoured guests and share insights on and solutions to finance-related topics.

Mr. Austin Yu, Executive Chairman of Wisdom Professional Accounting Limited

For SMEs in Hong Kong, asset management, business strategy and market analysis are indispensable yet out-of-reach. The challenge is to hire professional consultants which are often CFO (Chief Financial Officer) candidates and overwhelmingly costly to most SMEs. Particularly with the ongoing short supply of such talents, SMEs have started to opt for "outsourcing" such role. Compared to traditional hiring, the outsourced CFOs can provide higher flexibility and broader professional knowledge, meanwhile maintain costs low for companies which allows business owners to focus on their other core business.

Mr. Austin, the executive chairman of Wisdom Professional, knows how to use the various strengths of team members to create more professional and high-quality services. The team under his leadership, as of the beginning of this year, the total value of loans approved by small and medium-sized enterprises has exceeded HK$3 billion. So far, Wisdom Professional has accumulated more than 2,000 successful cases; the number of new customer inquiries per month has maintained more than 500 , the data is astonishing!

"The epidemic might be over, but SMEs in Hong Kong are still facing immense operational challenges," says Mr. Austin Yu, "Due to the complicated and demanding approval process, many SMEs who apply for funds on their own are often rejected. Given the huge demand, Wisdom Professional is determined to expand its efforts to help SMES and is planning to grow our business footprint in Macau and the Greater Bay Area."

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About Wisdom Professional Accounting Limited
About Wisdom Professional Accounting Limited
Wisdom Professional Accounting Limited was founded in 2019. Mr. Austin Yu saw the need for CFO (Chief Financial Officer) talents by SMEs (Small and Medium-sized Enterprises) in Hong Kong and joined hands with a team of former bank executives to offer business consulting services. The team works collaboratively to provide financial, internal accounting, legal and bank financing assistance. Known for its "mobile CFO" capability, Wisdom Professional supports SMEs in Hong Kong with end-to-end services.

Mr. Austin adopts the management style from his previous roles in prestigious banks and successfully breaks the "solo" brokerage convention in the market. Within merely four years, the team have achieved remarkable results and plays an active role in Hong Kong's business sector. Last year, the team advanced its expansion in the online market and launched "mobile CFO" which created incredible interests in the community.

Other key members of Wisdom Professional are former executives from leading institutions in the banking industry who maintain deep connections with a vast network of banks in Hong Kong. When providing core services to SMEs, such as commercial government guaranteed loans, small and medium-sized enterprise unsecured loans, bank property loans and bank account opening, the team is able to provide comparisons among dozens of local banks and make recommendations to obtain the highest success rate, largest loan amount and lowest interest rate – a unique skillset which sets them apart from peers of insurance or accounting background.

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30 Jun 2023


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27 June 2023

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