A storybook ending? Tia Lee’s record-breaking animation series introduces handsome prince in spellbinding turn of events

SINGAPORE - Media OutReach - 6 December 2022 - Global C-Pop star Tia Lee Yu Fen's record-breaking animation series - "GOODBYE PRINCESS" - is proving to be a smash hit with fans as it is on the verge of amassing 100 million views. This brilliant accomplishment is just the starting point though as the fourth episode - "Pawn to Queen" - featured a stunning twist in the animation., excitement about the series is certain to keep growing.


Episode 4's twist saw the arrival of a handsome prince, after the princess fought her way through a chessboard - being attacked at the behest of the Queen. Upon reaching the other end of the chessboard, the princess transforms back into human form as a mysterious castle appears. The episode concludes with the dashing prince kneeling before the princess and declaring his undying love for her.

Accompanying the fourth part of Tia Lee's animation series is a series of motion and still images. They showed a determined-looking Tia on a chessboard with newspaper headlines surrounding her. "GOODBYE PRINCESS" campaign stylist, Sanshai, Style Director of Vogue Thailand, hand-picked the Kanapot iconic dusty blue dress, Christian Louboutin heels and Alessandra Rich​ ear-rings Tia wore.

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06 Dec 2022



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