Yonyou Hong Kong Helps Gold Mark Group Unify Cross-Border Manufacturing Operation

HONG KONG SAR - Media OutReach - 25 March 2022 - Yonyou (HongKong) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as 'Yonyou Hong Kong') today announced that with Yonyou U8 Cloud, Gold Mark Group is revamping the production management system and taking its ERP landscape in Asia to the next level.

Established in 1990, Gold Mark Group is an OEM/ODM manufacturer of cables and electronic products with headquarters in Hong Kong and one-stop production bases in Dongguan, China and Thailand. The main products include PVC pellet fabrication, copper wire drawing, wire stranding, cable extrusion, plug & connector moulding and assembly. The annual production capacity is over 60 million pieces of cables and wires in different types. The main customers are electric appliance manufacturers and multimedia conglomerates in Europe and the US. In addition, Gold Mark Group also sets up a Shenzhen R&D team to provide in-house ODM development services.

As a business grows, different problems will occur in enterprise management. Historically, the Hong Kong headquarters and Dongguan office used two local ERP systems independently, while Thailand had no ERP system and relied on manual operations. The lack of information integration and data consolidation result in low productivity and inefficiency in communication for the Group, slowing the business growth.

How to dismantle the information silos and reconstruct an intelligence-enriched, integrated management system? Yonyou Hong Kong provides the best practice for Gold Mark Group by setting up a unified and highly localized ERP system for Hong Kong, Dongguan and Thailand offices. Yonyou U8 Cloud establishes a efficient and reliable system to optimize manufacturing, procurement, supply chain and finance processes, covering general ledger, accounts receivable and payable, reporting, purchasing, inventory and production orders. Yonyou Hong Kong also offers a tailor-made tax return filing system for Thailand office, which greatly reduces the time-consuming tasks for financial staffs and improves process efficiency by 200%.

'Yonyou U8 Cloud ensures the uniqueness, accuracy and consistency of data. Gold Mark Group can exchange all kinds of data smoothly among divisions, acquiring actionable insights through U8 system to make data-driving decisions, ' says Susanla Tang, Project Manager of Youyou Hong Kong. 'With advanced database integration, Gold Mark Group is able to work faster and more transparent in financial accounting, reporting, inventory management and so on.'

'We work much more efficiently with Yonyou ERP system, having deeper visibility to monitor and foresee business operation,' says Mr Alec Chiu, Chief Financial Officer of Gold Mark Group. 'Yonyou ERP provides valid and complete production data and standardizes the operation process of each division, optimize production capacity and supply chain. Besides, the project team from Yonyou Hong Kong is professional and helpful. We are truly grateful that they tackle the problems we have always faced in cross-border management.'

Yonyou U8 Cloud, one of the most widely used business systems in the APAC region, is an integrated ERP solution designed for growing enterprises to synchronize front-and-back business functions. U8 Cloud ensures validity and accuracy of data with customized forms and approval workflows, supporting multiple languages, currencies and timezones for operating local business. U8 Cloud empowers secure data sharing in cross-border management and boost digital transformation for growing enterprises.

About Yonyou
About Yonyou
Founded in 1988, Yonyou Network Technology (600588.SS) has been leading the enterprise services market for 33 years. Yonyou is currently the No. 1 provider of enterprise cloud services in China and the world's leading enterprise management software and cloud services provider, offering tailor-made Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software and Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions. Yonyou has been recognized by Gartner as the top 10 ERP providers in the world, and ranked by IDC as the largest enterprise management software provider in China.

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25 Mar 2022



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