Hysan Development's Bizhouse Launch

Presenting a Novel and Fully Furnished Live & Work Space in Causeway Bay for Entrepreneurs and Creative Professionals

HONG KONG, CHINA - Media OutReach - 21 May 2020 - Hysan Development Company Limited (Stock Code:00014) is pleased to announce today the launch of Bizhouse, the first Live & Work Space project in Hong Kong, with the aim of shaping a new mode of living and working for energetic entrepreneurs and creative professionals based in the city.

Highly Accessible

Located at No. 12 Pak Sha Road in Causeway Bay, Bizhouse offers 12 fully furnished units in 3 distinct sizes and a communal rooftop specially designed to create a more connected and natural urban area. As the microcosm of Hong Kong, the vibrant and multifaceted Causeway Bay District is a convenient location for businesses, shopping and entertainment, along with art and culture. Carefully crafted with an eye for details, each flat's cosy and modern interiors are completed with stylish decors, bespoke furniture, and built-in home appliances, whereby tenants can change their work or live modes anytime all day.

Curating the Neighbourhood

Mr. Ricky Kon Wai Lui, Chief Operating Officer of Hysan Development Co. Ltd. shares the rationale behind this first-of-its-kind project, "Hysan, deeply rooted in Causeway Bay, has been taking initiatives to curate new ideas, styles and events for the neighbourhood in sync with changes over time.  Bizhouse is something new both for Hysan and for the community. The idea is to ensure the tenants can live and work in the area and there is no need for them to even leave the neighbourhood for days or weeks on end! Lee Gardens Area features all sorts of convenient offerings: from local-style Cha Chaan Teng and fancy restaurants; a labyrinth of side streets with wet markets, street stalls and local shops; to luxurious shopping malls and office towers like Hysan Place and Lee Gardens. All your everyday needs are just within reach."

Lui says the eclectic area and this new project serve as a perfect backdrop to incubate new business and community ideas for Hong Kong. "The advent of new technology enables entrepreneurs to bring ideas to life, and many startups have sprung up creating a demand for multi-purpose spaces. Hysan sees a need do something special, which is to forge a new space that combines the best of living and working in Hong Kong's commercial heartland."

Spatial Versatility

"At Bizhouse," explains Lui, "we have carefully redefined a flex space which goes beyond a living space to encompass a workstation. 'Swift conversion' is the keyword here. Each flat at Bizhouse, whatever the size, is designed with bespoke furniture that can help transform a living setup into a variety of working environments with ease, and for whatever purposes, like solo work, multi-work, teamwork, and formal and casual meetings."

Space-wise Design

The 6-storey building was rebuilt with an elevator in 2003. The interior redesign and décor makeover of this charming low-rise were carried out by the award-winning architectural design studio Bean Buro. Its founder Ms. Lorène Faure says, "In this modern space, we are looking for ultimate flexibility and efficiency. The overall design, featuring simplicity and small details, adds a fresh and elegant touch to the building, creating sensational interiors." Bean Buro's Co-founder Mr. Kenny Kinugasa-Tsui supplements, "a flexible space must be equipped with smart mechanisms to move and conceal furniture either under elevated platforms or onto the walls. Every piece of furniture is part of a large storage unit for the space-saving purpose."  Besides, brand-new water pipes and drainage systems were installed in the entire building while works on electricity rewiring and window inspection were also completed.

Inclusion of Tradition and Modernity

One of Bizhouse's major attraction is its exceptionally convenient location and linkage. Bizhouse is only a 2-minute walk from Causeway Bay MTR, a hub for easy commute. As one of the busiest neighbourhoods on Hong Kong Island, Causeway Bay comprises Grade A retail and office towers merging seamlessly with characterful low-rises, and intersected by tree-lined avenues and bustling side streets. The renowned street market at Jardine's Bazaar are among the photogenic spots which can easily spark entrepreneurial creativity and inspiration.

App-enabled Security System for Peace of Mind

Back to Bizhouse, a Resident App is adopted to assist the work of the Management Office and it also facilitates the day-to-day communications between Bizhouse staff and tenants. Simply click on their phone app to connect the Door Entry Interface, for example, and tenants can grant access to bona fide visitors. The app also enables the Management Office to perform security monitoring in the common areas of the premise on a 24/7 basis.

New Lifestyle for Urbanites

Bizhouse brings a new dimension to the combined ideas of living and working. The communal rooftop space is design to help provide gathering space for tenants, and also to help enhance bonding between tenants at Bizhouse. 12 furnished flats with three sizes ranging from 317, 392 and 546 square feet are available for lease from today. Each flat comes with home and studio facilities, including but not limited to fibre optics internet connection, HD TV, fully controlled split type air-conditioner, fully fitted kitchenette, built-in microwave oven with grill, refrigerator, washer dryer and bathroom ventilator. Entrepreneurs and creative professionals are welcomed to enjoy this new hybrid live-work concept in Causeway Bay.

Viewing by appointment only. For booking and enquiry, please contact us via WhatsApp at +852 6829 0786 or email to [email protected]

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Bizhouse Live & Work Space

Presented by Hysan Development Company Limited


Located at 12 Pak Sha Road, Causeway Bay, Bizhouse is a 2-minute walk from Causeway Bay MTR. Equipped with an elevator, this amenity-rich 6-storey building, offers 12 fully furnished units in 3 distinct sizes, from 317, 392 to 546 square feet, and a communal rooftop for social gathering purpose.


Monthly rent starts from HK$19,000, inclusive of Management Fee and Government Rent, while Telephone, Internet and Utilities Bills at each tenant's own expense.

In-Flat Provisions

Live & Work Area Provisions:

  • Digital Door Lock
  • Hidden Split Type Air-conditioner
  • Day/ Night Ambience Lighting
  • 50-inch/ 60-inch 4K Smart TV with 3-4 HDMI ports
  • Bespoke Movable Couch and Tuck-Away Coffee Table
  • Bespoke Fitted Wardrobes
  • Bespoke Storage Cabinets
  • Murphy Bed
  • Space-saving Extendable Multi-purpose Table [H75cm x L95cm x W44-230cm]
  • Designated Workstation(s)
  • Professional Grade Conference Phone
  • Wi-Fi Internet Access
  • Frosted Gradient Glass Sliding Door
  • Adjustable Hanging Feature
  • Fabric Pin-Up Board

Kitchen Provisions:

  • Fully-fitted kitchenette with Kitchen Tap & Sink 
  • Built-in Domino 2-Zone Induction Hob
  • Telescopic Hood
  • Built-in Microwave Oven with Grill
  • Integrated Refrigerator
  • Built-In Washer/ Dryer

Bathroom Provisions:

  • Bathroom Cabinet with Washbasin
  • Ceramic Water Closet
  • Bespoke Shower Cubicle
  • Bathroom Ventilator

The communal rooftop is open to tenants for refreshing, sunbathing or networking.]Like-minded individuals can get together in forms of barbecue parties and other networking events to create a sense of community.

Viewing by appointment only. For booking and enquiry, please contact us via WhatsApp at +852 6829 0786 or email to [email protected]

All contents in this page are for reference only. All information shall be subject to the terms and conditions of the Formal Tenancy Agreement.

*Per square feet lease rate quoted above is for indication purpose only and is subject to revision without prior notice.

**All brands, models, specifications and quantities mentioned above are for information only and may vary between flats.

***The property was rebuilt in 2003 with an elevator. Brand-new water pipes and drainage system were installed in 2018/2019, where electricity rewiring and windows inspection works were completed in the 3rd quarter in 2018.

Bizhouse Website: https://bizhouse.com.hk

Bizhouse Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BizHouseHK/

Bizhouse LinkedIn: https://hk.linkedin.com/company/bizhouse

Bizhouse Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/bizhousehk/

About Bizhouse
About Bizhouse

Conveniently located in the bustling Causeway Bay, Bizhouse offers tenants the freedom to live, work, rest and connect with like-minded individuals.


Introducing the first-of-its-kind hybrid live-work concept to Hong Kong, Bizhouse is designed for dream-makers who get inspired with endless possibilities. Housing 12 units, it incorporates a smart and transformative design to fit in various lifestyle and working needs, making it a perfect space for entrepreneurs and creative professionals.


Revisit Causeway Bay to discover Bizhouse, where entrepreneurs can achieve their goals and live their dreams.

About Hysan

About Hysan Development Company Limited is a leading property investment, management and development company in Hong Kong with an investment property portfolio of over 4 million square feet of high quality office, retail and residential space. With roots in the district since the 1920s, Hysan is one of the largest commercial landlords in Causeway Bay.


Bizhouse Website: https://bizhouse.com.hk

Bizhouse Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BizHouseHK/

Bizhouse LinkedIn: https://hk.linkedin.com/company/bizhouse

Bizhouse Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/bizhousehk/


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21 May 2020


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