Xiao-I Corporation Releases Hua Zang Large Language Model 1.1, Effectively Addressing Pain Points in Industry Applications with Its Support for Multiple Language Scenarios

SHANGHAI, CHINA - Media OutReach - 7 October 2023 - Xiao-I Corporation (NASDAQ: AIXI) has launched its independently developed Hua Zang Large Language Model 1.1. This iteration comprehensively enhances support for multilingual application scenarios, further refining its product offering. It is widely regarded within the industry as a solution to address the pain points of some industries encountered in cross-language scenario applications.

As a domestically produced general AI system, positioned as "controllability, customizability, and deliverability," Hua Zang Large Language Model has achieved notable breakthroughs in delivery costs. The newly released 1.1 version has taken its multilingual support capabilities to the next level, introducing support for two additional languages: English and Japanese. This expansion enables interactive applications in bilingual scenarios, such as encompassing conversations, text generation, translation, and more, significantly broadening its applicability.

Language support has always been a pain point for application promotion in the practical operations of certain cross-border e-commerce enterprises targeting overseas markets. Industry analysts believe that integrating multilingual capabilities in the Hua Zang Large Language Model will effectively assist relevant corporate users in realizing AI-empowered cross-border business implementation, thus expanding the boundaries of its applications.

Furthermore, the new version has also upgraded and strengthened its output control. It has introduced a text risk prediction and control module, enabling intelligent monitoring of the scale and risk of generated content, thus ensuring the safety and controllability of enterprise users' application processes.

The expansion of language support will facilitate the Hua Zang Large Language Model's implementation in various vertical domains, while the enhancement of output control provides enterprises with a greater sense of security. This is expected to lead to an expansion in the user base. With the dual driving forces of technological iteration and business application, the Hua Zang Large Language Model is steadily progressing toward its goal as a general AI system, and will accelerate the advancement of AI empowerment across various industries in China.

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07 Oct 2023

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