Meta Holdings launches 'HRDR', a virtual humanoid Al Model for Virtual Idols with Music, Dance & Social

SHANGHAI, CHINA - Media OutReach - 3 August 2023 - WEB3.0 Immersive Interactive Social Metaverse - Meta Holdings Group ( and Shanghai SNH48 Culture Media Group Co., Ltd. ( officially announced the release of China's first comprehensive, vertical marketplace, multimodal artificial intelligence big data model 'HRDR' on August 5, 2023, in Shanghai. This model focuses on virtual digital human music, dance, and virtual social interactions.

Meta Holdings Ltd., together with research and development centers in Shanghai, Beijing, and Chengdu, jointly created and exclusively owns the multimodal large model of artificial intelligence and accompanying digital toolkits and 'The Seine River Metaverse Buildor'. These tools are developed in the Meta48 Artificial Intelligence Lab. and the Meta48 Digital Intelligent Human Lab. In the past decade, it has accumulated up to 500 terabytes of data, comprising text, audio, and video, from the long-term operation of SNH48 GROUP, a large youth girl group in China. With sufficient computing power, 'HRDR' will play a pivotal role in the technical implementation and practical application of digital/virtual humans across several industries, including music and virtual dance entertainment, next-generation games, virtual social interactions, and various digital content creation. Additionally, it will offer crucial technical support for implementing PGA and UGA, in addition to PGC and UGC to realize co-creation and co-development through the Metaverse project.

As a multi-modal artificial intelligence big data model focused on vertical markets such as virtual companions, music, dance, and social interactions, the concept and name of "HRDR" combines the titles of the first virtual companionship and romance game in China, "Heartbeat Memories" (1998), the first music and dance online game in the Chinese market, "O2Jam" (2004) and "Audition" (2005), as well as the first large-scale youth girl group in China, "SNH48 GROUP" (Seine River) (2012). It carries the meaning of commemorating the "memories of a large number of Chinese youth" that were made possible by the founder of Meta Holding and his core entrepreneurial team. It also expresses the intention of the founder of Meta Holding Ltd., and the leadership team to forge ahead in the new era of WEB3.0 and artificial intelligence, continuously making new contributions to the future development of interactive entertainment and cultural industries.

The "Meta Metaverse," developed by Meta Holding, relies on WEB3.0 and artificial intelligence big data modeling technology to fundamentally reshape the core user experience of classic cultural and entertainment products such as "Heartbeat Memories," "o2Jam," "Audition," and "SNH48 GROUP," and evolve them into an immersive interactive social metaverse in the form of WEB3.0. This product will officially launch in the China domestic market in the first quarter of 2024.

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03 Aug 2023

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